Wednesday, October 5

New Team Uniforms

Those attending last night's sign up got a sneak peak of the new team logo and uniforms.  T-shirt costs are covered in the team fee and will be handed out before the first competition in Bozeman.  The shorts however at this time are optional and are an added expense.  We have selected the best climbing short currently available on the market, the Prana Mojo.  Lightweight, flexible, and frequently worn be the worlds best climbers, this is a high quality short.

Steepteam will coordinate and cover the printing costs for anyone who brings in a pair of new grey Prana Mojo shorts by October 28th.  The shorts retail for $40 and can be found HERE.  You may be able to find deals elsewhere on-line.  We also plan to make a team order. If you'd rather have us get you your shorts we need your name and size on the list by October 13th.

Some of our younger members may not be able to fit into the smallest size shorts available (XS).  For them we will also cover printing costs if the climber brings in a new pair of similar looking grey shorts that fits them by October 28th.