Coach recommendations on gear.

Shape and fit are the number one priority.  All team members should have a climbing shoe with a downward pointed toe, preferably velcro or slip-on.  The fit of the shoe should be snug and tight with little foot pain.  Shoes should be sized for no more than six months of growth.  Examples of preferred models would be; 

Scarpa:  Booster, Vapor V, Instinct S, Veloce

La Sportiva:  Solution, Miura VS, Katana, Speedster, Python, Cobra, Arco, Tarantula

Five Ten:  Blackwing, Arrowhead, Anasazi, Galileo, Project, Jet 7

Evolve:  Shaman, Pontas, Defy, Elektra, Kaos, Predator, Prime

Any chalkbag will do, but they need to have a belt or cord to hold them properly in place.

We highly recommend the Prana Mojo short.