Tuesday, October 26

Bozeman Full Gravity Day

November 6th at Spire Climbing Center. Click the title to link to the Spire Climbing Center Web page. The competition starts at 10am and runs until 1pm, with awards followed after. Be at the gym at 9:30am. Costs are $35 if you sign up in advance online (link: HERE). Also EVERYONE will need a new waiver filled out even if you climbed at last years competition. Waivers can be found HERE.

Our fall session is focusing on competitive climbing and our goal as a team is to have everyone climb at regionals in Boise on January 15th. To qualify for regionals you need to climb at both the Bozeman competition and the Billings competition on December 4th. You also must be registered with the USAC before the Bozeman comp (see post below). If anyone is having trouble with online registration or finding travel arrangements please let us know.

Tuesday, October 19

Join USA Climbing

To compete as a team at Regionals in Boise on January 15th, all team members need to A. join USA Climbing ($55) before Nov 6th and B. attend both the Bozeman (Nov 6th) and Billings (Dec 4th) ABS bouldering competitions. Join or renew your USA Climbing membership here.

Thursday, October 14

The Status of the Junior // Senior Teams

We sat down, looked at who was committed to the team for this fall's session, and made an interesting realization. Collectively as a team we have greatly improved in the past year, especially our younger members. A simple life lesson was brought back to light, "our age does not define how strong we can climb." (or do most anything for that matter)

With this rediscovery we are redefining the Junior and Senior teams to be only a division of age, not ability. This fall both teams will be doing the same workouts and given the same 75 minutes of practice time. Seeing as abilities across the board have come up to a similar level, I think it is best to have kids of similar ages practicing together. With that, I ask all team members born 1998 or later attend the Junior team practices and those born in 1997 or earlier attend the senior team practices.

If a climber has a conflicting schedule with their respected practice time talk to us and we can work something out. Any questions please don't hesitate ask.