Monday, April 28

The Cody SCS Competition

The Cody Competition is this Saturday May 3rd and will start at 11am sharp. Be there by 10:30am. The climbing session will conclude at 2pm with results, shortly (hopefully) after.

Depending on weather and enthusiasm we will hit up some boulders or rope routes to round out the afternoon. Due to the large size of the team, all junior team members are expected to have their parent accompany them outside and we may break into small groups lead by some of the other climbing parents.

Sunday, April 13

A Few Photos

Click the title of this post or the steepteam photos link on the right sidebar to see some images from Bozeman's Spring Fling Competition.

Wednesday, April 9

Wednesday, April 2

The ways of the USAC

Our regional coordinator has asked all of us to log into our USAC membership profile and be certain our team name is registered as: steepteam (all lowercase, one word, like the t-shirts) and you coach is listed as: Joel Anderson. Both need to be spelled, letter for letter, or they will not count your scores towards the team ranking.

Also of note, Saturday's scores are now registered with the USAC. You can view them here. Scores and rankings are usually updated every wednesday.

Remember, Bozeman is this Saturday, the 5th. Starts at 10am, be there by 9:30am. Get excited! This is always a super fun competition. The registration forms are here.