Thursday, April 29

Thursday April 29th

Due to the weather, practice on Thursday April 29th will be inside at the gym at the regularly scheduled time. 6pm Junior Team - 7:15 Senior Team. See you there.

Wednesday, April 21

Timber Canyon

Timber Canyon is 20 miles southeast of Bridger, off of HWY 310. A landmark based map is available at the gym and a web based map is available here and here. says the coordinates of the canyon are latitude = 45.1722 & longitude = -108.6589. Both the landmark map and the aerial/topo map are highly recommended as signs are often non-existent and roads are sometimes no more than a two wheel track. A higher clearance vehicle is recommended. (Subaru or greater). Cell phone access is spotty at best.

Approaching the Canyon, as the road starts heading up towards the top of the south rim, be looking for a left turn that takes you into the mouth of the Canyon. The parking and access to the climbing is from this road further up the canyon. It is this segment where the road gets rough.

We are meeting out there Saturday April 24th at 10:30am and plan to climb till 2:30-3pm. The drive from Billings takes about 1.5 hours.

For those that want someone else to worry about directions, Jim or myself will be leaving the Maverick station north of Bridger at 10am. Anyone who wants to follow us should meet there prior to 10am Verizon time.

Friday, April 2

Week of April 4th - 10th

A couple of tweaks to the schedule. nothing has changed since we announce the Harvest session on Tuesday.

Tuesday April 6th
- practice on the walls at Harvest Church in the Heights. All climbers need a harness.

Thursday April 8th - practice at Steepworld. harness required.

Saturday April 10th - Spire Spring Fling Climbing Competition. Spire Climbing Center. Gym opens at 8am. Competition starts at 9am. Awards around 2:30. register online here.