Wednesday, May 14

Summer Sessions 2014

Steepteam is not a guide service. Steepteam is a program for youth to develop skills towards becoming a life long rock climber. Outdoor safety techniques are the primary focus of our outdoor summer session. Climbers on the team should be born within the years of 2005-1996.  Younger team members will learn and practice the skills of top roping while older team members learn and develop sport climbing techniques. Practice and refinement of these safety skills as taught by the coaches is expected of all team members. Climbers showing minimal progress with the taught safety techniques will not be allowed to join the team outside.  As always, we encourage parents to participate and join the experience.

All ropes, anchors, belay devices, and helmets will be provided for use by Steepteam.  Team members will need to supply their own harness, climbing shoes, and chalkbag.

This summer we will have a team of coaches led by Steepteam alumni and strongman Ben Hoiness with current Steepteam competitive coach Dillon Key and Steepworld gym owner Jim Rott assistant coaching.  We maintain a maximum 4:1 climber to guide ratio on all outdoor trips.  If need be we will have other significant climbers from the community help out as assistant guides.

We've setup our summer into two condensed sessions for a more focused environment and simpler scheduling around summer activities.

Open to all climbers, beginner to advanced.

TUE 3rd - Steepworld - 6 - 9pm
THR 5th - Steepworld - 6 - 9pm
SUN 8th - Dirtfest - Zimmerman Park 12-3pm - Registration fee covered in the session fee.
THR 12th - Steepworld - 6 - 9pm
SAT 14th - Island in Cody, WY - 10am-3pm
TUE 17th - Rims (Gregory Hills) - 6-9pm
THR 19th - Rims (Gregory Hills) - 6-9pm
SAT 21st - TBD, Bighorns, Mill Creek, or Allenspur

Open to climbers that attended session 1, those with previous Steepteam experience, or climbers without previous Steepteam experience that show solid outdoor 5.8 climbing skills.

WED 16th - Steepworld - 6 - 9pm
THR 17th - Rims (Gregory Hills) - 6-9pm
SAT 19th - Natural Bridge State Park near Big Timber - 10am-3pm
THR 24th - Steepworld - 6 - 9pm
SAT SUN 26-27th - Overnight camp trip to Ten Sleep, WY - Leaving Billings at 9am the 26th and returning late afternoon the 27th.

Session 1 $200
Session 2 $225
Fees cover coaches time and travel, gym time, insurance, gear, and other necessities to run the Steepteam non-profit.  We try our best to keep costs to a minimum.  Comparatively, a full day of guiding with a mountain guide will cost the same or more than one of our entire sessions.

Steepteam offers need based scholarships on a case by case basis. Talk to Steepteam Director Joel Anderson (406) 860-7616

We've set aside the evening of Thursday May 29th at Steepworld Climbing gym from 6pm - 7pm to signup, fill out waiver forms, ask questions, and meet coaches.  If you'd like to sign up but cannot make this event please call Joel Anderson at (406) 860-7616

Steepteam is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing rock climbing mentorship and training to Billings area youth interested in improving their climbing skills through practice and competition.
Non-Profit Board Members: Joel Anderson,Thad McGrail, Jim Barron.