Wednesday, January 23

Wrapping Up the Competitive Season

Our Schedule for the next couple weeks looks like this........

Thur - Jan 24 - practice
Tues - Jan 29 - last practice of the season
Thur - Jan 31 - no practice
Tues - Feb 5 - Team Pizza Party, wall teardown.  Begins at 6pm.
Thur - Feb 7 - no practice, competition preparation
Sat - Feb 9 - 2pm - The 2013 Montana Bouldering Championship.

Monday, January 7

Youth Outdoor Climbing Opportunities for Summer 2013

Touch the Sky Youth Climbing out of Bozeman, run by Bozeman coach Aaron Hjelt, is offering up some big trips for the ambitious climber this summer.  Climbing trips to Germany, Canada, Ten Sleep, and Bozeman.  More information is available here.

Steepteam will be announcing our local summer outdoor plans in February.

Tuesday, January 1

Montana Bouldering Championships 2013

The last scheduled comp of the year is the Montana Bouldering Championships, hosted by Steepworld on February 9th beginning at 2:15pm.  The comp was originally scheduled for February 2nd, but was pushed back a week by request of the gym.  See the official competition website for more information.  As a fund raiser for Steepteam, all proceeds for this competition go to the Steepteam 501c3 fund to help cover insurance costs for our outdoor summer trips.