Tuesday, November 25

Rock Jam Wrap Up

This past Saturday Steepteam competed in the last USAC local comp of the season, at our home gym, Steepworld, in Billings, MT.  We had 19 climbers compete in this competition along with climbers from teams in Bozeman, Missoula, and Helena.  The comp was a blast, had great problems and a great vibe.  Out of our 19 competitors, everyone placed within the top 6 in their category:

1st - Kyle Eaton (MJR), Jaden Rott (MYC), Corbyn Svec (MYD) and Olivia Whichman (FYD)
2nd - Brady Stoppel (MJR), Charlie Barron (MYA), Katlyn Churchill (FYC) and Tyler Schrowe (MYD)
3rd - Rosa Roccisano (FYC), Chaylin Stephens (FYD) and Alex Latham (MYD)
4th - Colton Hofferth (MYA), Quinn Sanderson (FYB) and Christian Jones (MYD)
5th - Aidan Harrington (MYA), Roc Minkoff (MYC) and North Sanderson (MYD)
6th - Chase Le'mons (MYA) and Max Haynes (MYC)

A full list of youth results can be found HERE.

We also want to congratulate assistant coach Katie Jacobsen for winning 1st place in the Women's Open competition.

We are super proud of all of our youth competitors and our coach for representing Steepteam and crushing this weekend and want to give a big thanks to Steepworld, and all of the parents, coaches, routesetters, and volunteers who made this event possible.

Monday, November 10

Rock Jam 2014

SATURDAY, November 22.  Climbing goes from 11a- 2p, check in begins at 10a.  We ask that all Steepteam climbers arrive by 10:30a at the latest.  Preregistration fee is $35 for USAC members and $40 for non-members; Registration at the door is $40 for USAC members and $45 for non-members.

You can preregister HERE.

The Rock Jam will be held at the SteepWorld, located at 208 N 13th St.
Everyone on the team should be current on their waivers, however, they can be found HERE.

All Steepteam members are expected to travel and attend local competitions, if you have a conflict and will not be able to attend, please contact Dillon Key at (281) 450-2422 via text or call.

Please contact Dillon Key or Joel Anderson with any questions, either at practice or by phone.

Rage Against Gravity Wrap Up

This past Saturday, Steepteam travelled to Bozeman to compete in Full Gravity Day 2014 with other teams coming from Bozeman, Missoula, Boise, and Spokane.  It was a very fun, energetic comp with some great problems. We had 16 climbers attend the comp and 12 climbers place in the top 7 of their category.  Those climbers were:

1st - Kyle Eaton (MJR), Corbyn Svec (MYD), and Olivia Whichman (FYD)
2nd - Jaden Rott (MYC)
3rd - Brady Stoppel (MJR) and Tyler Schrowe (MYD)
4th - Alika Gesuale (MYA) and Katlyn Churchill (FYC)
5th - Colton Hofferth (MYA)
6th - Chase Le'mons (MYA)
7th - Rosa Roccisano (FYC) and Alex Latham (MYD)

A full list of scores for all youth categories as well as the adult category can be found HERE.

We are super proud of all of the climbers who made it out to compete, and super thankful to Spire Climbing Center and all of the parents, routesetters, and volunteers that made this event possible. 

Our next competition is November 22nd, at SteepWorld here in Billings!  More info to come soon.