Thursday, December 28

Montana Bouldering Championships 2018

MBC2018 Event Details
STEEPWORLD Climbing & Fitness
1230 S 31st St W
Billings, Montana
(406) 969-2500

The Montana Bouldering Championship is hosted by SteepWorld Climbing & Fitness and is a fundraiser for the Steepteam 501c3 non-profit program. Steepteam provides climbing mentorship and training to Billings area youth through practice and competition. The Championships provide a competition venue that promotes and rewards the upper talent of Montana Bouldering while providing a fun and entertaining event for recreational climbers.

Pre-registration information will be available within the next few weeks.  Registration can also be taken care of the day of the competition.

12:00p - Check In / Day of Registration
1:00p - Climbing Begins
5:00p - Climbing Ends
5:30p - Results, Drinks, Food and Early Raffle
6:00p - Open Finals Begin
7:30p - Open Awards and Late Raffle

Youth: Compete within USA Climbing age brackets
Male - Novice (V0-V3), Intermediate (V4-V5)
Female - Novice (V0-V2), Intermediate (V3-V4)
Open: Male (V6+), Female (V5+)
Masters: 40+ yrs old

$40 Pre-Registration or $45 Day Of.  Entry fee includes climbing & beverages. 
$5 Adult Spectator Beverage fee. This gets the spectator entry & beer.
Youth competitors compete within their respected USA Climbing age category.
Category winners awarded with medals.
High value prizes will be raffled off among all Youth, Citizen, and Masters competitors.

$50 Pre-registration or $55 Day Of. All open registration fees go towards the cash purse. 
The 2017 purse was over $1500
Guaranteed $150 minimum to winners (men & women) and custom Montana Bouldering Champion Belt Buckle.

QUALIFIERS (All Categories)
Open redpoint format consisting of more than 70 routes of evenly distributed difficulty. 
4 hours of climbing time.
Each route is given points based on its difficulty.
A climber’s total score equals the top 5 scoring routes.
The top 6 in the Open Category of each gender will move onto finals.

FINALS (Open Category only)
Competitor scores will zero out for finals. Ties will be split by qualifier scores.
Finals will be a timed onsight format, competitors remain in isolation until their turn to climb.
There will be 2 finals routes.
Each climber will get 3:00 minutes of climbing time per route. The 3:00 minutes is a hard time stop, meaning climbers will not be allowed to continue climbing the route after 3:00 minutes.
Finals will be scored in accordance to the USAClimbing Onsight Format.  Problems will consist of a START, ZONES (5, 10 & 15 point) and TOP (25 points).  A tenth of a point will be deducted for every fall a competitor records in order to achieve their highest score.
A competitor’s finals score equals the combined total from the two finals routes.
The finals score determines final placement.
Cash payout to the top 5 of the field in each gender.