Wednesday, January 29

Schedule for the Upcoming Weeks

We are getting close to finishing up the competitive season and the Montana Bouldering Championships.  Here's the schedule for the next week or so.

Thursday January 30th - Practice as usual.  Yay-Yay.

Tuesday February 4th - Wall tear down and team pizza party.  Taking down tape and holds is a HHUUGGEE help in our prep for the route setters and climbing competition.  Junior team members can come in at their usual time of 6pm.  We'd like to invite the Senior team members to come in early at 7pm to join in a full team pizza party and then assist in hold tear down.

Wednesday February 5th - Hold washing.  We're looking for a couple of senior team members to help wash holds after school Wednesday afternoon.  All hours are considered donated to the Steepteam non-profit, a great volunteering experience for one's resume.  We'll feed anyone that works past 6pm.

Saturday February 8th - MONTANA BOULDERING CHAMPIONSHIPS - Competition begins at 2pm.  Full details here.  It is worth noting that the competition climbing time is 4 hours long and we are doing a soft start time.  The climber does not need to be in the gym for the full 4 hours.  One may climb for an hour, take a two hour rest, and then climb the last hour.  The climber may also show up later than the start time, and climb for only 2-3 hours.  The scheduling and strategy of time is up to each individual climber.

PS: Also worth noting is the Montana Climber interviews we've been doing concurrently with the promotion of the MBC2014.  Thus far we've talked to Dominick Speranza, Sarah Ho, Loren Rausch, and a couple more coming up!  Check them out here.