Sunday, January 29

2017 Spring Competitive Season

Steepteam is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing climbing mentorship and training to Billings area youth interested in improving their climbing skills through practice and competition.  
Our focus is to develop lifelong climbers.

Competitive Head Coach: Dillon Key (281) 450-2422
Assistant Coaches: Aj Elliston, Katie Jacobsen
Non-Profit Board Members: Jim Rott, Joel Svec, Dan Parnell, Jim Barron, Joel Anderson

Local competitions will be required as we feel that they provide great benchmarking and goal setting opportunities in a friendly environment while helping foster the greater Montana climbing community.  We are not requiring team members to participate in USA Climbing sanctioned events.  Climbers wishing to compete at a USAC level will still have continued support by the team and coaches.  

Starting Thursday, March 2nd, through May 11th, practices will be twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, at Steepworld, with breaks for the holidays.
Junior Team: (born in 2007 - 2004) 6:00 - 7:30pm
Senior Team: (born in 2003 - 1998) 7:30 - 9:00pm

Sign Ups:  February 27th, 7:00 - 8:00pm at Steepworld climbing gym. 

Local: Pocatello, ID         April 1st
Local: Bozeman, MT         April 8th
 Salt Lake City, UT May 13th-14th
Divisionals: Louisville, CO         June 17th-18th

Nationals: TBD         July 13th-16th

Spire Climbing Center Trip March 25, 2017 (tentative)
Cost: $40.00
The cost for this trip includes transportation, a day pass to Spire, dedicated belayers and coaching.  More information to come soon.  Only 10 spots available.  Registration will open the day of Steepteam Sign Ups on Feb. 27.

Outdoor Climbing Days Dates: TBD
6:00-8:00pm (Junior & Senior teams)
We will hold 4 practices outdoors (weather permitting).  Tentative dates will be handed out at Sign Ups.

All team members are required to have their own gear, this includes shoes, chalk bag, and appropriate climbing attire. Additionally, a harness and ATC belay device are highly recommended for all climbers and are required for those who wish to compete.

$300 + competition fees and travel costs for the 2.5 month Spring session. The total cost is broken down below.
3 Month Gym Membership: $105
Steepteam practices at Steepworld Climbing Gym in Billings Montana. Team members are expected to maintain a membership at the gym while team is in session. Gym fees are separate from team fees.
Steepteam Fee: $195
Fees cover coaches time and travel for 19 practices, competitions, insurance, administration, and other necessities needed to run the Steepteam non-profit program.
Competition Entry Fee: TBD
Climbing competitions have entry fees around $30-$45 per competition.  These prices are set by the host gym 
and cover the costs for routesetters to set and prepare for the comp as well as t-shirts, awards, gym time, etc.


Steepteam is happy to announce that we will be awarding 2 scholarships this season. Talk to Steepteam Head Coach, Dillon Key (281) 450-2422, or Steepworld Owner, Jim Rott, for more details.

Sunday, January 8

MBC2017 Pre-Registration

Pre-registration for the 2017 Montana Bouldering Championships is now live!
Follow this link to the registration site:

Waivers for Steepworld can be taken care of here:
Please fill out a waiver prior to the day of the comp in order to save time at the door.

See you there!