Thursday, January 29

307 Bouldering Comp - Cody, WY

Final times are set:
Saturday February 7th
women and youth (15 and under) 4-7pm
Men (16 and up) 6-9pm
$25, raffle at the end of the comp ~9pm
Core Mountain Sports, Cody WY, north of Wendy's
while not an official team event, I will be present, route setting or climbing.

Monday, January 5

Upcoming Spring Schedule

Our USAC Spring traing session will start on March 10th.
The tentative comp schedule will be.........
3/28 - Billings
4/11 - Bozeman
5/2 - Cody
5/16 - Regionals - Boise, IDAHO
6/13 - Divisionals - Bay Area, CALIFORNIA
7/10 - Nationals - Salt Lake, UTAH
More info on the spring program will be posted within the next couple weeks.

Cody will be hosting the Wyoming Bouldering Series on Saturday February 7th. It will not be an official Steepteam event, but myself and other team members may attend. More information here-->