Monday, April 18

Thursday April 21st

Due to the lack of school on Thursday and Joel's absence, we will be departing from our normal outdoor schedule. The outdoor session will begin at 4:30pm for Junior Team climbers at the base of "The Walkup" at Gregory Hills. Senior Team climbers may show up at 5:15pm. Climbing will end at 7pm.

Outdoor Team Climbing Sessions

Thursday nights at Gregory Hills, Zimmerman Park, or Phipps Park
Click here for last year's map (still applicable) to the climbing at Gregory Hills

Junior Team outdoor sessions go from 6:00 - 7:15pm
Senior Team outdoor sessions go from 6:45 - 8:15pm
All sessions meet at their respected times at the base of “Welcome to Billings” or the parking lot of Zimmerman or Phipps.
Due to a limited time window we will start at 6:00pm and 6:45pm sharp. Account for the 5 minute hike to the base in your arrival time estimate.

  1. All team members must have a climbing partner(s) with whom they will not separate from the start until the end of the evening.
  2. Youth D’s are not allowed to belay.
  3. Youth D’s under the age of 10 must have a parent / responsible adult accompanying them at all times.
  4. All team parents are welcome to attend, watch, and learn.
  5. Youth C’s may belay another team member with adult supervision. (highly encouraged)Senior team members (youth B, A & J) may belay // lead belay if they have been checked by Joel or Jim.
  6. Only Senior team members (youth B, A & J) are allowed to walk along the top rim of the climbing area.
  7. Wandering away from the group, horseplay, and rule infractions results in a warning. Second offense and you will no longer be welcome to climb with the team outside.


rugged shoes, harness, climbing shoes, chalk, chalk bag, water, warm jacket, hat, gloves, rain jacket, bug spray, camera. and a back pack to carry it all.


A final weather go // no-go decision will be made at 4pm Thursday afternoon. If the weather looks questionable, call the gym (25-CLIMB) after 4pm. If the weather is unclimbable
we will have practice at our normal indoor practice hour times. Juniors 6pm, Seniors 7:15pm. If the weather goes bad during an outdoor session, kids will be
evacuated to cars at the base of the hill and wait for parent pick-up.

Wednesday, April 13

Bozeman Spring Fling

Saturday, April 16. Registration 8-8:45 AM, Climbing 9-2, Awards at 2:30ish. FIVE HOURS OF CLIMBING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Online registration here.