Saturday, February 28

Spring 2009 Costs and Expectations

Less than two weeks, March 10th, Juniors at 6pm, Seniors at 7:15pm


The Steepteam program operates on a no cut policy. The team is divided into two practice sessions; Junior Team ages 8-13 and Senior Team ages 14-19. Some previous climbing experience is desirable for Junior team members. Senior team member ideally should be able to boulder V1 or top rope 5.9. Junior team members with exceptional technical skill may be moved up to the Senior team. Each team member is expected to have all necessary gear (shoes, chalkbag, harness) at each practice and competition. Rentals are available at the gym.

2009's Spring Session costs are $100 for team fees, $105 for gym fees or equivalent membership, and $175 for a USA Climbing membership and 4 competitions. Spring Session team members may elect to opt out of USA climbing and save $100 off the USAC membership and competition cost. Team and Gym fees are due at the beginning of each session.

Wednesday, February 11

Steepteam Spring Calendar

I'd like to ask everyone to direct their attention to the spring season calendar, practices, competitions, outside events, all now located on the web ...... here ...... First practice is March 10th.  It is a web calendar that I will keep updated along with this website.  I recommend bookmarking it.

I plan to add team costs and expectations in the following week.