Wednesday, January 14

Steepteam Spring Season

We will host a sign-up session and first practice Tuesday, February 3rd, from 6pm- 8pm, at Steepworld Climbing gym. Waivers can be signed, team fees can be collected (the team cannot accept credit cards at this time), gym memberships can be paid (credit cards accepted). If you cannot make the sign-up / first practice please call Dillon Key (281-450-2422) or Joel Anderson (406-860-7616) prior to secure your spot on the team.

The Steepteam Spring Extended Season is open to current Steepteam members as well as new climbers who are approved by coaches, and focuses on indoor competition climbing. The team will have the opportunity to compete in the USAClimbing Sport Climbing Series (SCS) and travel and compete in competitions from Bozeman to Pocatello.  All competitions are sport climbing competitions, meaning climbers will be on ropes, either top rope (YD-YC) or lead climbing (YB-Jr).

We will be continuing to pursue our focus of developing lifelong climbers. We feel that local competitions provide great benchmarking and goal setting opportunities in a friendly environment while helping foster the greater Montana climbing community.  Thus, we are not requiring team members to participate in USA Climbing sanctioned events. Climbers wishing to compete at a USAC level will still have continued support by the team and coaches.

All team members are required to have their own gear, this includes shoes, chalk bag, and appropriate climbing attire.  Additionally, a harness and belay device (preferably an ATC) is highly recommended for all climbers, and required for those who wish to compete.

Rental shoes greatly hinder the development of good footwork and are not acceptable. Shape and fit are the number one priority. All team members should have a climbing shoe with a downward pointed toe, preferably velcro or slip-on. The fit of the shoe should be snug and tight with little foot pain. Shoes should be sized for no more than six months of growth. As bonus Steepworld has offered all team members a $10 coupon for climbing shoes and there is currently a good selection of shoes already on sale now.

Starting Tuesday, February 3rd, practices will be twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with breaks for the holidays, at Steepworld Climbing Gym.    
Junior and Senior Team: 6pm - 8pm

April 1 - LOCAL - Bozeman, MT
April 25 - LOCAL - Pocatello, ID
May 9 - REGIONALS - Bozeman, MT
June 13-14 - DIVISIONALS - TBA
July 9-13 - NATIONALS - TBA

$335 + competition fees and travel costs = total for the 4 month Spring session. The total cost is broken down below.

$200. Fees cover coaches time and travel for 31 practices, 2 competitions, insurance, administration, and other necessities needed to run the Steepteam nonprofit program. Currently the non-profit is unable to accept credit cards.

$135 for a 4 month gym membership. Steepteam practices at Steepworld Climbing Gym in Billings, Montana but is a separately operated non-profit, thus two different fees need to be paid. Team members are expected to maintain a membership at the gym while team is in session. Annual and family memberships are also available that may reduce costs. Gym fees are separate from team fees.

To be determined. Climbing competitions have entry fees around $25-$45 per competition and the team attends at minimum 1-2 competitions per season. These prices are set by the host gym and cover the costs for routesetters to set and prepare for the comp as well as t-shirts, awards, gym time, etc.

Steepteam offers need based scholarships on a case by case basis. Talk to Steepteam Director Joel Anderson (406) 860-7616

Steepteam is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing climbing mentorship and training to Billings area youth interested in improving their climbing skills through practice and competition.
Competitive Head Coach: Dillon Key (281) 450-2422  
Assistant Coaches: Aj Elliston and Katie Jacobsen
Non-Profit Board Members: Joel Anderson (406) 860-7616, Joel Svec, Jim Barron

Divisionals Wrap Up

Recently, we had 4 climbers travel and compete in the USAC Divisionals, which was held in the 'biggest little city in the world', Reno, NV.  For some, it was there first or second time competing at Divisionals, others had been there multiple times, but Divisionals follows a similar format to Regionals, in that it puts the climbers in a high stress situation.  The main difference is that there is a Qualifiers round, as well as a Finals round.  Competing against around 21-25 climbers from 3 different regions, competitors must place in the top 10 to advance from qualifiers to finals, and then in the top 7 to advance from finals to Nationals.  Despite the difficult problems and stiff competition, all of the Steepteam competitors climbed exceptionally well and we couldn't be prouder of how they handled themselves and how they climbed in such a difficult comp.  Results were as follows:

3rd - Charlie Barron (MYA)
10th - Jaden Rott (MYC)
17th - Tyler Schrowe (MYD)
24th - Brady Stoppel (MJR)

It is a huge accomplishment alone just to make it to Divisionals, and again, Steepteam couldn't be prouder of how all of our climbers performed and the positive attitudes that they brought to this intense competition.  We want to extend a HUGE thank you to the parents of all of our competitors for making this trip possible.  We also want to thank the Whitney Peak Hotel for hosting such a great comp, and the routesetters, volunteers and coaches who made this comp so memorable.

Monday, January 5

Montana Bouldering Championships 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that it is that time of year again, the most coveted event of the bouldering season is upon us.  The Montana Bouldering Championships are back, and the question on everybody's mind is - who will walk away with the all mighty belt buckle (and some fresh cash)?

SATURDAY, January 31.  Climbing goes from 2p - 6p, check in begins at 1p.  We ask that all Steepteam climbers arrive by 1:30p at the latest.  Registration fees are as follows: Open Category - $40;  Amateur, Masters and Youth Categories - $30

Preregistration will open soon and more information can be found on the MBC blog.

The MBC2015 will be held at the SteepWorld, located at 208 N 13th St.
Everyone on the team should be current on their waivers.

All Steepteam members are highly encouraged to compete in this competition, if you have a conflict please contact Dillon Key at (281) 450-2422 via text or call.

Please contact Dillon Key or Joel Anderson with any questions, either at practice or by phone.