Wednesday, January 14

Divisionals Wrap Up

Recently, we had 4 climbers travel and compete in the USAC Divisionals, which was held in the 'biggest little city in the world', Reno, NV.  For some, it was there first or second time competing at Divisionals, others had been there multiple times, but Divisionals follows a similar format to Regionals, in that it puts the climbers in a high stress situation.  The main difference is that there is a Qualifiers round, as well as a Finals round.  Competing against around 21-25 climbers from 3 different regions, competitors must place in the top 10 to advance from qualifiers to finals, and then in the top 7 to advance from finals to Nationals.  Despite the difficult problems and stiff competition, all of the Steepteam competitors climbed exceptionally well and we couldn't be prouder of how they handled themselves and how they climbed in such a difficult comp.  Results were as follows:

3rd - Charlie Barron (MYA)
10th - Jaden Rott (MYC)
17th - Tyler Schrowe (MYD)
24th - Brady Stoppel (MJR)

It is a huge accomplishment alone just to make it to Divisionals, and again, Steepteam couldn't be prouder of how all of our climbers performed and the positive attitudes that they brought to this intense competition.  We want to extend a HUGE thank you to the parents of all of our competitors for making this trip possible.  We also want to thank the Whitney Peak Hotel for hosting such a great comp, and the routesetters, volunteers and coaches who made this comp so memorable.