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Billings Gazette Article from January 24th 2007 - Team Bio
Billings Gazette Article from September 5th 2007 - Emma Goes to Nationals

Q2 news report from March 2nd 2011 on Charlie and Colton at Nationals

TEAM HISTORY and USA CLIMBING Youth Nationals Qualifiers

34 team members.  Steepteam begins offering scholarships for those in financial need.

Charles Barron - bouldering - 4th place - national team member
more to come in 2012

29 team members.  The Steepteam operations financially separate from the gym and attains 501c3 non-profit status.  12 team members successfully lead 5.10 outside.

Colton Wayman - bouldering
Charles Barron - sport climbing & bouldering - 3rd place - national team member

31 team members. The team moves its summer session focus to outdoor climbing instead of competitions.

Matt McGrail - bouldering
Emma Murter - bouldering
Ben Hoiness - bouldering
Charles Barron - bouldering & sport climbing
Team placed 2nd at the ABS Regionals in Bozeman.

32 team members, the team places 10th at SCS Divisionals in Sacramento
Jessie Kohn - bouldering
Charles Barron - sport climbing

28 team members.
Justin Willis - sport climbing - finalist
Dani Nieva - sport climbing 

12 team members.  Joel Anderson joins steepteam as the volunteer head coach.
Emma Eddleman - sport climbing - 2007

The Steepworld Climbing Team begins with the opening of Steepworld Climbing Gym.  Coached by gym employee Chris Talbot, 3 members are on the team the first season, Justin Willis, Emma Eddleman, and James Eddleman.