Thursday, February 24

Spring 2011 Outdoor Session

It's -4 outside, but spring is on the way. The focus of the spring session will be on climbing outside, the team will also attend two comps, (Billings and Bozeman) but will not be training for Regional, Divisional, and National competitions. Team members are welcome to compete in those events if they desire to do so. The winter bouldering session is our competition focused session.

Steepteam is not a guide service. Steepteam is a program for youth with climbing experience to develop further skills towards becoming a life long rock climber. Our outdoor sessions take place in potentially dangerous environments which are not conducive to teaching beginners.

All team members are expected to have their own shoes, harness, chalkbag, locking biner, and belay device.

On the first day of practice all junior team members (birth years 1998-2002) are expected to A.) climb a 5.9 boulder problem in the gym, B.) properly put on and secure their own harness and C.) properly tie into a climbing rope.

All senior team members (birth years 1993-1997) are expected to A.) climb a v1 boulder problem in the gym, B.) properly put on and secure their own harness and C.) properly tie into a climbing rope, and D.) demonstrate proper top rope belay technique.

Tryouts will take place Tuesday March 29th or Thursday March 31st, where all climbers will be expected to demonstrate the above skills in front of a coach.

If your kid does not have the above skills, Steepworld Climbing Gym has opportunities to learn basic rock climbing skills and safety techniques through its Development Program. After the above skills have been established the climber may transition into the Steepteam program.

Starts April 5th and run every Tuesday and Thursday until June 9th. Tuesday practices will be at Steepworld Climbing Gym and the Thursday practices will be outside at Zimmerman Park or Gregory Hills. Junior team 6pm-7:15pm. Senior team 7:15pm-8:45pm.

April 16th - Bozeman
April 30th - Billings
May 14th - Regionals in Bozeman. All team members are encouraged to attend. You do not need to be a USAC member to compete.

If you are planning on competing towards USA Climbing SCS Nationals you will need to attend three local comps, thus you would also need to attend either Pocatello on April 2nd or Provo on May 7th. The Divisional Championship is June 18th in Salt Lake.

May 7th
May 21st
June 5th - Dirtfest
June 11th

The above dates can also be viewed at the STEEPTEAM CALENDAR

Gym Fees: This grants climbers access to use the Steepworld Climbing Gym. All team members are expected to hold a membership at the gym while on the team. A three month membership runs $90 and gives you full access to the gym.

Team Fees: This cost covers coaches, gear, insurance, administration, and other necessities needed to run the Steepteam non-profit program. We are still determining our spring session costs at this time, more info will be posted when known.

Visit Steepworld Climbing Gym or call 25-CLIMB for more information.

Nationals Results

Gnarly Charlie and Coltron Waymonator went down to Boulder for the ABS Nationals this past weekend. Out of the 39 best climbers in the country, Colton finished in 27th place and Charlie 3rd. Congrats to both on great performances.