Tuesday, May 31

Thursday June 2nd

Thursday evening's practice on June 2nd, will be a bouldering session at Phipps park. Juniors leave the parking lot at 6pm, Seniors meet out at the boulders at 6:45. Bring your crash pads!

Friday, May 27

Cody Trip - May 28th

Saturday's trip to Cody is a go. Bring warm clothes. See the post below for the additional details. See you there.

Wednesday, May 25

Steepteam Social

The Barron's, Charlie, Jim, Karen, and Lola, have graciously volunteered to host this spring's Steepteam social event. All team members, parents and siblings are welcome.

Festivities will start after the Dirtfest on Sunday June 5th, around 5:30pm. Food, a little climbing, and casual chat will be the agenda. Burgers, Brats, and sodas will be provided. Everyone is welcome to bring sides, snacks, or desserts. If you're interested in helping the Barrons' out give them a call or contact the gym.

The best thing for everyone to do is to park in the MSU-B lot on the corner of Rimrock and Virginia, and walk up our street (there is very limited parking at their house or in the cul-de-sac)
A google map is located HERE.


The Dirtfest is scheduled for Sunday June 5th, with registration starting at high noon and climbing beginning at 1pm. Contact Steepworld climbing gym for more information.

Friday, May 20

Cody Reschedule

Due to weather, Saturday's trip to Cody has been rescheduled to Saturday May 28th.

Thursday, May 19

Thursday May 19th

Tonight's practice will be indoors at the gym at regular gym practice times.

Monday, May 16

Cody - The Island - May 21st

We'll meet at the Parking area at 10:30 am and walk in. The walk in is along the side of the road through two tunnels and is potentially the most dangerous part of our trip. The climbing is in the shade, bring warm clothes even if the forecast is in the 70's. The walk and climbing base area is flat and lawn chair friendly. If the weather forecast looks bad we will make phone calls Friday night. We should be back to our cars around 3pm. It's about a 2 hour drive from Billings.

Another map locating the parking spot is located HERE

Practice Thursday the 19th

Thursday the 19th we will practice at Gregory Hills unless weather prohibits.

Tuesday, May 10

Practice Thursday May 12th

This Thursday, May 12th, we will be bouldering at Phipps Park for our outdoor practice. Junior team will depart from the parking lot at 6pm. Senior team will meet at the boulders (visible from parking lot) at 6:45pm. Bring your crash pads!!!

Wednesday, May 4


Timber Canyon is 20 miles southeast of Bridger, off of HWY 310. A landmark based map is available at the gym and a web based map is available here and here. Mytopo.com says the coordinates of the canyon are latitude = 45.1722 & longitude = -108.6589. Both the landmark map and the aerial/topo map are highly recommended as signs are often non-existent and roads are sometimes no more than a two wheel track. A higher clearance vehicle is recommended. (Subaru or greater). Cell phone access is spotty at best.

Approaching the Canyon, as the road starts heading up towards the top of the south rim, be looking for a left turn that takes you into the mouth of the Canyon. The parking and access to the climbing is from this road further up the canyon. It is this segment where the road gets rough.

We are meeting out there Saturday May 7th at 10:30am and plan to climb till 2:30-3pm. The drive from Billings takes about 1.5 hours.

For those that want someone else to worry about directions, I (red Subaru Forester with a black Thule topper) will be leaving the Maverick station north of Bridger at 10am sharp. Anyone who wants to follow us should meet there prior to 10am Verizon time.

If you know where the climbing is, you are welcome to show up early as Jim and Thad should be out there ahead of the group.