Tuesday, December 21

End of session team schedule

Here's the practice schedule for the rest of the fall // winter climbing session.

Tues Dec 21st - practice
Thur Dec 23rd - practice

Tues Dec 28th - no practice
Thur Dec 30th - no practice

Try your best to eat healthy over the christmas break and get into the gym a couple days and climb for fun. If you're traveling, try to visit another gym, every major city has one and will usually allow you to boulder without a partner. New route styles and terrain are always beneficial to climbing improvement.

Tues Jan 4th - non Boise attendees 6pm-7:15pm, Boise attendees 7:15pm-8:45pm
Thur Jan 6th - non Boise attendees 6pm-7:15pm, Boise attendees 7:15pm-8:45pm
Tues Jan 11th - non Boise attendees 6pm-7:15pm, Boise attendees 7:15pm-8:45pm
Thur Jan 13th - no practice, mandatory rest day
Fri Jan 14th - travel to Boise
Sat Jan 15th - Big Sky Regional Championship - Boise

Thursday, December 16

Boise Hotel

The team has secured a block of rooms at the Shilo Inn Riverside near downtown and the gym for Friday evening the 14th and Saturday night the 15th of January. They have an indoor pool and hot tub. The discounted team rate is $55 per night.

Reservations under this discount can only be made by calling 208-344-3521 and ask for the Steepteam room block.

Tuesday, December 14

Boise Regionals Registration

Registration is now open for Boise Regionals. You can do so HERE. January 15th at the FRONT in Boise, Idaho. A great bouldering gym with a spectator friendly setup. The competition will likely start at an early hour and go all day Saturday. We will finalize our hotel selection for Friday and Saturday night this week at practice.

Anyone who competed in two local competitions this fall (Bozeman and Billings) and is a registered member of USA Climbing may compete with the opportunity to receive an invite to Nationals in Boulder Colorado in February. As of now, there are only 10 team members that are eligible to compete for a Nationals spot in Boise. Anyone who does not meet the above competition and membership criteria may still compete but will not have a chance to move on to Nationals.

The Regional competition is done in an on-sight format, different than what we're used to. In order to properly prepare kids for the competition, starting in January the senior team practices will be only open to kids competing at Regionals. While I dislike splitting the team in this manner, the Regional competition is a large investment for those attending, both in terms of time, money, and emotion. Anything less than proper preparation for the competition would be a disservice to those that are making that investment. Junior team practices will be open to all climbers with assorted activities and new routes available for everyone to try.

Sunday, November 28

Competition Week

Friday and Saturday, Steepworld will be hosting the Space Rock Jam 2010. The gym will be closed during preparation Wednesday and Thursday, and will open back up for the Adult Comp Friday at 6pm. The Youth Comp starts at 11am Saturday morning.

Wednesday, November 10


On Friday December 3rd Steepworld Climbing Gym will be hosting its 4th annual Rock Jam bouldering competition, the SPACE ROCK JAM 2010. The gym will be decorated out in black lights so wear your day-glow.

Adults climb Friday night December 3rd 6pm - 9:30pm while the USAC ABS Youth climb Saturday morning December 4th 11am - 2pm. Both comps will host a dyno competition after the main event.

$35 gets you on the wall climbing, a t-shirt, and a raffle ticket. Youth comp non-USAC members will be charged an additional $5 surcharge.

Tuesday, October 26

Bozeman Full Gravity Day

November 6th at Spire Climbing Center. Click the title to link to the Spire Climbing Center Web page. The competition starts at 10am and runs until 1pm, with awards followed after. Be at the gym at 9:30am. Costs are $35 if you sign up in advance online (link: HERE). Also EVERYONE will need a new waiver filled out even if you climbed at last years competition. Waivers can be found HERE.

Our fall session is focusing on competitive climbing and our goal as a team is to have everyone climb at regionals in Boise on January 15th. To qualify for regionals you need to climb at both the Bozeman competition and the Billings competition on December 4th. You also must be registered with the USAC before the Bozeman comp (see post below). If anyone is having trouble with online registration or finding travel arrangements please let us know.

Tuesday, October 19

Join USA Climbing

To compete as a team at Regionals in Boise on January 15th, all team members need to A. join USA Climbing ($55) before Nov 6th and B. attend both the Bozeman (Nov 6th) and Billings (Dec 4th) ABS bouldering competitions. Join or renew your USA Climbing membership here.

Thursday, October 14

The Status of the Junior // Senior Teams

We sat down, looked at who was committed to the team for this fall's session, and made an interesting realization. Collectively as a team we have greatly improved in the past year, especially our younger members. A simple life lesson was brought back to light, "our age does not define how strong we can climb." (or do most anything for that matter)

With this rediscovery we are redefining the Junior and Senior teams to be only a division of age, not ability. This fall both teams will be doing the same workouts and given the same 75 minutes of practice time. Seeing as abilities across the board have come up to a similar level, I think it is best to have kids of similar ages practicing together. With that, I ask all team members born 1998 or later attend the Junior team practices and those born in 1997 or earlier attend the senior team practices.

If a climber has a conflicting schedule with their respected practice time talk to us and we can work something out. Any questions please don't hesitate ask.

Sunday, September 19

Fall Bouldering Session 2010

Schedule Highlights:
Oct 19th - practice starts
Nov 6th - Spire Full Gravity Day Competition, Bozeman
Dec 4th - Space Rock Jam Competition, Billings
Jan 15th - Regional Championship, Boise

The fall session is Steepteam's competitive bouldering session. We will resume our focus on outdoor climbing in the spring. All team members are expected to register for the American Bouldering Series (ABS) with USA Climbing and attend all competitions with the team.

All team members are expected to have a gym membership ($35 monthly, $120 for 4 months) In addition team fees (coaches, shirts, etc) for the fall session will again be $100. Estimated local competition entry fees will run $25-$35 and the regional championship in Boise running around $50-$75.

Starting Tuesday October 19th, practices will be Tuesday and Thursday nights, with the Junior Team (Youth Category C and D practicing from 6pm-7:15pm and the Senior Team (Youth Category B, A, and J) practicing from 7:15pm - 8:45pm. A more detailed schedule is linked from the right sidebar of this page.
  • Youth D: born in 2000 or later
  • Youth C: born in 1998 and 1999
  • Youth B: born in 1996 and 1997
  • Youth A: born in 1994 and 1995
  • Junior: born in 1992 and 1993

Sunday, August 29

Steepteam Fall 2010 Calendar

The planned schedule is up for the Fall 2010 Bouldering Season. You can find the calendar HERE or the link on the right sidebar. Expectations and costs will be posted in the next couple weeks.

Friday, August 13


The fall 2010 season will start October 19th and will run through January 15th. More details to come as they develop.

Thursday, June 3

Steepteam Party - Sunday June 6th

The Steepteam end of year party will be hosted by Charlie Barron and his parents, Jim and Karen. They have some boulders in their backyard so bring your crash pad and shoes, there might be some first ascents up for grabs.

Festivities will start after the dirtfest on Sunday June 6th, around 5:30pm. Food, a little climbing, and casual chat will be the agenda. If you're interested in helping the Barrons' out give them a call or contact the gym.

The best thing for everyone to do is to park in the MSU-B lot on the corner of Rimrock and Virginia, and walk up our street (there is very limited parking at our house or in the cul-de-sac)
A google map is located HERE.

Wednesday, May 26

Practice Thursday May 26th

Thursday's practice will be our last practice until the DirtFest on June 6th. I unfortunately will be out of town on business. Ryan, Thad, and Jim will be running practice.

Tuesday, May 25

End of Season Party

The Barrons, Charlie, Jim & Karen, have graciously volunteered to host our season wrap up party on June 6th after the Dirtfest (5:30pm). It will be a casual evening of food, activities, small talk, and team awards. I'm sure They'd appreciate any assistance you may be willing to provide. You can contact them via the phone list or contact the gym. We'll post directions to their house as we get closer to the date.

Friday, May 21

The Final Exam!!!!!!!!!!!!

A take home exam (images above) was given out at Tuesday's practice. While not mandatory, if the exam is turned in completed at Tuesday's practice on the 25th, the climber will receive $10 on their account at Steepworld.

Tuesday, May 18

the Last of the Spring Session

Tuesday 18th - Steepworld
Thursday 20th - Gregory Hills
Saturday 22nd - 10am - Zimmerman Park Bouldering Tour, bring your crash pad. Due to the size of the team and limited number of routes in east Rosebud we've had to reschedule to something more feasible for a group of our size.
Tuesday 25th - Steepworld
Thursday 27th - Gregory Hills - Last team practice

Sunday 6th - Dirtfest outdoor comp / climbing festival. 1pm Zimmerman Park.

Like last year we may have an end of season party if any parents are willing to host such an event.

Friday, May 14

Cody - Saturday the 15th

I was told some people were still a little lost on the map to Cody. Follow the link to a google map showing where we will be meeting up at 10:30am. HERE.

Friday, May 7

Cody Trip Re-scheduled

Due to weather the Cody trip has been re-scheduled for Saturday May 15th. Same time and same location.

Thursday, May 6

Thursday May 6th

Practice will be inside tonight at regularly scheduled times.

Wednesday, May 5

Cody Trip - Saturday May 8th

We'll meet at the Parking area at 10:30 am and walk in. The climbing is in the shade, bring warm clothes even if the forecast is in the 70's. The walk and climbing base area is flat and lawn chair friendly. Parents of youth D climbers will be asked to belay so come ready, we've got harnesses. If the weather forecast looks bad we will make phone calls Friday night. We should wrap up around 3pm. It's about a 2 hour drive from Billings.

Thursday, April 29

Thursday April 29th

Due to the weather, practice on Thursday April 29th will be inside at the gym at the regularly scheduled time. 6pm Junior Team - 7:15 Senior Team. See you there.

Wednesday, April 21

Timber Canyon

Timber Canyon is 20 miles southeast of Bridger, off of HWY 310. A landmark based map is available at the gym and a web based map is available here and here. Mytopo.com says the coordinates of the canyon are latitude = 45.1722 & longitude = -108.6589. Both the landmark map and the aerial/topo map are highly recommended as signs are often non-existent and roads are sometimes no more than a two wheel track. A higher clearance vehicle is recommended. (Subaru or greater). Cell phone access is spotty at best.

Approaching the Canyon, as the road starts heading up towards the top of the south rim, be looking for a left turn that takes you into the mouth of the Canyon. The parking and access to the climbing is from this road further up the canyon. It is this segment where the road gets rough.

We are meeting out there Saturday April 24th at 10:30am and plan to climb till 2:30-3pm. The drive from Billings takes about 1.5 hours.

For those that want someone else to worry about directions, Jim or myself will be leaving the Maverick station north of Bridger at 10am. Anyone who wants to follow us should meet there prior to 10am Verizon time.

Friday, April 2

Week of April 4th - 10th

A couple of tweaks to the schedule. nothing has changed since we announce the Harvest session on Tuesday.

Tuesday April 6th
- practice on the walls at Harvest Church in the Heights. All climbers need a harness.

Thursday April 8th - practice at Steepworld. harness required.

Saturday April 10th - Spire Spring Fling Climbing Competition. Spire Climbing Center. Gym opens at 8am. Competition starts at 9am. Awards around 2:30. register online here.

Monday, March 29


Yes, there is practice the week of spring break. All kids need their own harness this week. We will be going outside soon and in order for kids to be comfortable with the safety techniques they need to have a full understanding of their gear. What better way than to practice those techniques in a safe controlled environment like the gym.

Also there will be practice on Thursday April 8th. It was previously labeled as no practice.

The Spire Spring Fling is Saturday April 10th. It is a roped climbing competition. It is not a mandatory event unless you are competing in the USA Climbing SCS series. It is a fun event however. Info on times and Sign up on-line here.

Monday, March 8

First Day of Practice

Who's excited?!?
Practice starts this Tuesday, March 9th.

Junior Team 6-7:15
Senior Team 7:15 - 8:45

As usual on the first day of practice we will have a team parent meeting in the gym at 7:10 to go over the outline for this spring and answer any questions.

registration is available at the gym before and during practice.
See you there.

Sunday, February 21

Spring 2010 Session Schedule

Steepteam Spring 2010 Program

a google calendar of the below is available by clicking on the "STEEPTEAM CALENDAR" on the right sidebar.

March 9th - first practice, focus on technique and fitness

March 18th - no practice

March 20th - Steepfest 2010 Climbing Competition

March 23rd - first rope practice, everyone needs a harness

April 8th - no practice

April 10th - Spire Spring Fling roped climbing competition in Bozeman

April 15th - first outdoor Thursday practice weather permitting

April 24th - outdoor climbing at Timber Canyon east of Bridger

May 8th - outdoor climbing in Cody

May 22 - outdoor climbing in East Rosebud Canyon

June 5th - Zimmerman Park Dirtfest outdoor bouldering competition

Junior team practices at 6pm - 7:15pm

Senior team practices at 7:15pm - 8:45pm

weather permitting, after April 15th Thursday practices will be outside. ALL KIDS NEED THEIR OWN HARNESS.


3 month gym membership + team fees. Costs should be similar to previous sessions. Climbing competitions have an additional registration fee.

Register for the Spring Program at the front desk at Steepworld.

USA Climbing Sport Climbing Series (SCS)

kids interested at competing for a shot at nationals will need to register with the USAC and compete in three local comps and Regionals. Information regarding the SCS can be found here. Due to large travel requirements and a growing collective interest in outdoor climbing, the team has decided to place emphasis on progressing our outdoor skills through outdoor practices and trips, climbers competing in the SCS will need to manage their own travel and competition registration. I am available to handle any questions regarding such.

Wednesday, January 20

Cody Ice Festival

I've had many kids ask about trying out ice climbing this past year. One of the best ways to be introduced to the sport is to attend the annual Cody Ice Festival over Presidents Day weekend in February. A two day, two night event, with Friday night getting all your gear sorted out, Saturday ice climbing with a guide, and a great Saturday night slideshow. The gear and guides are included in the cost, meals are extra, but usually worth it.

I have guided the past two years at the event, unsure as of yet if I will do so again this year. More information and sign-up can be found here.

Tuesday, January 19

Fall Wrap Up

We had 18 climbers climb at Regionals this past Saturday, and 4 climbers received invites to Nationals, Ben, Charlie, Matt McGrail, and Emma Murter. As a bonus to everyone's hard work Steepteam finished in a very, very, very close 2nd place to Team Momentun from Salt Lake. A lot of kids faced some very difficult routes and set the bar for expectations in the coming future. Regionals wraps up our Fall // Winter session, We will start up again on March 9th with a more outdoor focused agenda.

Tuesday, January 12

Regionals Week

Tuesday : Mock onsight climbing comp
Wednesday - Friday : Mandatory rest days, no climbing, and no practice on Thursday
Saturday : Regionals at Spire. Know your time to be in isolation and don't miss it! Event schedule posted HERE.

Wednesday, January 6


Bozeman - Spire Climbing Gym
The schedule for Saturday the 16th is posted here note the early start time for certain categories. Estimated event wrap-up is targeted to be around 6pm.

The sign-up deadline is MIDNIGHT SATURDAY JANUARY 9th.
you do not need to be a USAC member to compete, the event is open to all.
The link to register is here.

We will be having a team discussion regarding plans for our spring session during some downtime at the Bozeman comp. I'll let parents know what time that will be the day of. We will tentatively start practice on March 9th.