Tuesday, December 21

End of session team schedule

Here's the practice schedule for the rest of the fall // winter climbing session.

Tues Dec 21st - practice
Thur Dec 23rd - practice

Tues Dec 28th - no practice
Thur Dec 30th - no practice

Try your best to eat healthy over the christmas break and get into the gym a couple days and climb for fun. If you're traveling, try to visit another gym, every major city has one and will usually allow you to boulder without a partner. New route styles and terrain are always beneficial to climbing improvement.

Tues Jan 4th - non Boise attendees 6pm-7:15pm, Boise attendees 7:15pm-8:45pm
Thur Jan 6th - non Boise attendees 6pm-7:15pm, Boise attendees 7:15pm-8:45pm
Tues Jan 11th - non Boise attendees 6pm-7:15pm, Boise attendees 7:15pm-8:45pm
Thur Jan 13th - no practice, mandatory rest day
Fri Jan 14th - travel to Boise
Sat Jan 15th - Big Sky Regional Championship - Boise

Thursday, December 16

Boise Hotel

The team has secured a block of rooms at the Shilo Inn Riverside near downtown and the gym for Friday evening the 14th and Saturday night the 15th of January. They have an indoor pool and hot tub. The discounted team rate is $55 per night.

Reservations under this discount can only be made by calling 208-344-3521 and ask for the Steepteam room block.

Tuesday, December 14

Boise Regionals Registration

Registration is now open for Boise Regionals. You can do so HERE. January 15th at the FRONT in Boise, Idaho. A great bouldering gym with a spectator friendly setup. The competition will likely start at an early hour and go all day Saturday. We will finalize our hotel selection for Friday and Saturday night this week at practice.

Anyone who competed in two local competitions this fall (Bozeman and Billings) and is a registered member of USA Climbing may compete with the opportunity to receive an invite to Nationals in Boulder Colorado in February. As of now, there are only 10 team members that are eligible to compete for a Nationals spot in Boise. Anyone who does not meet the above competition and membership criteria may still compete but will not have a chance to move on to Nationals.

The Regional competition is done in an on-sight format, different than what we're used to. In order to properly prepare kids for the competition, starting in January the senior team practices will be only open to kids competing at Regionals. While I dislike splitting the team in this manner, the Regional competition is a large investment for those attending, both in terms of time, money, and emotion. Anything less than proper preparation for the competition would be a disservice to those that are making that investment. Junior team practices will be open to all climbers with assorted activities and new routes available for everyone to try.