Tuesday, September 30

Alli & Kevin

I've added a link to Alli Rainey and Kevin Wilkinson's website on the "other links" side bar.  They will be traveling through the northwest and may post some occasional updates as the weeks go by.

Fall Calendar

Wednesday, September 3

Season starts in less than three weeks

First day of practice is Tuesday September 23rd.  Junior team (those turning 13 or under in 2009) starts at 6pm.  Senior team (those turning 14 or older in 2009) start at 7:15pm.  There will be a parents meeting at 7:15pm.  Season calendars will be handed out.

Due to a previous commitment a schedule change has been made for the second week of practice. The Sept 30th and Oct 2nd practices have been moved to Monday the 29th and Wednesday the 1st.