Thursday, May 25

Summer Session Climbing Trips

This Summer Session, Steepteam will be offering two climbing trips around the state of Montana and Wyoming.  There will be a bouldering trip in June and a sport climbing trip in July.  Below are details regarding each of those trips:

Bouldering Trip
Location: Yankee Jim Canyon (Paradise Valley, MT)
Cost: $80.00
About: This trip will include two evening bouldering sessions in Billings, one at Phipps Park and another at Zimmerman Park, and then a full day of bouldering in Yankee Jim Canyon.  Climbers will learn about proper pad placement, safe spotting techniques, and problem solving.
Schedule: June 20th, 6-8pm  -  Bouldering at Phipps Park
June 22nd, 6-8pm  -  Bouldering at Zimmerman Park
June 24th, 8a-5pm  -  Bouldering in Yankee Jim Canyon
Required Gear: Climbing shoes and chalk
Registration Deadline:  June 17th

Sport Climbing Trip
Location: The Island (Cody, WY)
Cost: $100.00
About: This trip will include one evening at Steepworld to review and practice rope skills, another evening on the Rims above Gregory Hills to practice and refine rope skills on real rock, and then a full day of climbing at the Island, just outside of Cody, WY.  Climbers will learn how to belay, tie-in using a figure-8 knot, and effective communication necessary for safety.
Schedule: July 18th, 6-8pm  -  Climbing at Steepworld
July 20th, 6-9pm  -  Climbing on the Rims
July 22nd, 8a-5pm  -  Climbing at the Island
Required Gear: Harness, belay device, and climbing shoes
Registration Deadline:  July 15th

To register for any of the Summer Session Climbing Trips, please contact Dillon Key by phone at (281) 450-2422, or by email at  Please pay attention to the registration deadlines specific to each trip.  Every trip caps off at a maximum of 12 climbers.  Payment in full is due prior to the registration deadline specific to each trip in order to guarantee a spot.  Payment can be made via cash, a check made out to ‘Steepteam’, or online at

Steepteam is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing climbing mentorship and training to Billings area youth interested in improving their climbing skills through practice and competition.
Primary Guide: Dillon Key (281) 450-2422
Non-Profit Board Members: Joel Anderson, Joel Svec, Jim Barron, Jim Rott, Dan Parnell