Monday, April 18

On Saturday, April 9th, several Steepteam members travelled to Bozeman to compete in Spire Climbing Center's annual Spring Fling.  It was a phenomenal event and we would like to thank all of the staff at Spire, the routesetters, the volunteers, and all of the parents for making it such a great competition.

Results from the comp can be found here.

Below are some pictures from the competition.

Alex cranking through the heinous pockets on the green mono route.

Alex making big moves and showing off the guns.

Chalking up on some pockets mid route, no biggy.

Caden floating up the blue route.

Caden making it look easy on the auto belay.

Caleb leading up green, showing us how it's done.

Carter (left) going big on the black slopers, while Caleb (right) nears the top of green.

Charlie clipping chains after sending the black route.

Charlie flashing the orange route.

Charlie cruising up the other orange route.

Daisy compressing some slopers halfway up the blue route.

Daisy getting stretched out on the green route.

Daisy confirming the send on green.

Dane clipping bolts while walking up the green route.

Emily deciphering beta while navigating the green arete route.

Emily pulling hard on the purple route.

Just relaxing and checking out the views.

Jaden clipping the chains on pink.
Jaden setting up for a big move on the purple route. 
Jaden casually clipping draws on purple.
Katlyn chalking up after the start crux on the volume route.

Katlyn working her way through the geometric maze on the volume route.

Nearing the top after wrestling up the volumes.

Nolan taking a second to figure out the beta on his way up the black route.

Nolan working up the orange slab route.

Emily (left) getting close to the top of the yellow arete, while Nolan (right) confirms a send.

Tanner halfway up the pink route.

Tanner throwing the thumbs up after a send of the volume route.

Tuesday, April 5

Gregory Hills - Graffiti Clean Up

This past Saturday, volunteers with Billings Parks & Rec and members of the climbing community came together to clean up a large amount of graffiti that had appeared on the walls of the local crag, Gregory Hills.  Of those volunteers, we had several Steepteam members come out and contribute.  It was a great day with gorgeous weather, and the cleaning went much faster than expected!  We want to throw out a HUUUGE thank you to Parks & Rec for organizing this event, as well as to all of the community member, climbers and non-climbers, who came out to help beautify the Rims!

Nolan striking a pose after a long day of scrubbing.

Climbers, Charlie, Jaden and Carter posing with local legend, Chad Chadwick.

Assistant Coach, Brady, doing what he does best... looking good.

Local hardman, Brian Hagerty, helping out with the clean up, but mostly reminiscing about "back in the day."

Charlie getting amped up about being the water boy.

Brady grinding away at a tagged boulder.