Sunday, September 25

Say Hello to Chris

Fellow Steepteam climbers say hello to Chris Guyer. Steepteam's new head coach. Punk rocker Chris has been climbing for 5 years, working at the gym for 3 years, and has already developed a solid all around climbing resume.  From scary steep ice climbs in Cody, pumpy 5.12 sport routes in Ten Sleep, and long alpine trad routes in the Beartooths, Chris has great skills and experiences to share with other climbers to help take them to the next level.

I recently sat down with Chris for a brief Q & A

J: Favorite sport climbing area?  
C: Which ever one I'm at.

J: Favorite boulder problem? 
C: That one really cool route in the gym, it has pink tape, I think its a V4.  

J: Favorite ice climb?  
C: Funeral for a Friend (WI4, 200') above Glacier Lake in the Beartooths, it's what got me psyched about climbing.  

J: Favorite route on the rims?  
C: I really enjoy doing laps on Becky Crack at Zimmerman if that counts. Otherwise its probably Rockchuck arete at Gregory Hills.  

J: Favorite route you've done all time?
C: I really, really enjoy the Standard Route (5.10, 800') up the Tower Innocence in East Rosebud Canyon.

J: What is your training mantra? 
C: Anything worth having is worth working for.  Work hard.  Also, I thoroughly enjoy eating pints of ice cream, horrible for the health, but oh so delicious; I train so I can eat ice cream, who cares about climbing hard.

Chris will be leading our Local Competition Team, but don't expect practice to be all Ben & Jerry's and popsicles.