Wednesday, May 30

Steepteam Weeknight Outdoor Sessions

Our first official team outdoor session is Tuesday June 5th at Gregory Hills.  A map for parking and where we will be climbing is located HERE.

Junior Team 5pm - 7pm
Senior Team 6:30pm - 9pm
Guides will leave the parking area promptly at 5pm.  If you are late, hike up to the base of the routes.  Senior Team members hike up to the base of the routes and find the coaches for direction.  One will be at the base of either the Walkup Area or the Barney Rubble Area.  Senior Team members are welcome to attend the Junior Team session to assist and learn from the coaches.

  1. All climbing groups will have a group leader (coach or guide)  Climbers are not to climb without the supervision of that group leader.
  2. All climbers must wear a helmet.  Steepteam provides helmets for use.
  3. All belays are to be done with a Petzl Grigri belay device.  Steepteam also provides these for use.
  4. Team members under the age of 10 must have a parent / responsible adult accompanying them at all times.
  5. All team parents are encouraged to attend, watch, and learn.
  6. Team members are expected to belay each other.  Coaches and guides are there for your education and supervision.
  7. Only Senior team members (youth B, A & J) may lead climb.
  8. Only Senior team members are allowed to walk along the top rim of the climbing area.
  9. Wandering away from the group, horseplay, and rule infractions results in a warning. Second offense and you will no longer be welcome to climb with the team outside.


rugged shoes, harness, climbing shoes, chalk, chalk bag, WATER, warm jacket, hat, gloves, rain jacket, bug spray, camera, WATER, and a back pack to carry it all.


A final weather go // no-go decision will be made at 4pm the day we will be climbing. If the weather looks questionable, call the gym (25-CLIMB) after 4pm. If the weather is unclimbable we will reschedule. If the weather goes bad during an outdoor session, kids will be evacuated to cars at the base of the hill and wait for parent pick-up.