Monday, May 5

A Whole Lotta Information

Cody was great, and results should be up Tuesday or Wednesday. This is the schedule for the next two weeks....

Tuesday - May 6 - practice
Thursday - May 8 - practice
Tuesday - May 13 - practice (harness needed)

Wednesday - 14 - mandatory rest day
Thursday - 15 - mandatory rest day
Friday - 16 - mandatory rest day

Proper rest of climbing specific muscles is crucial to peak performance. The gym will be closed to all team members for the three days listed above. Do your body some good and take a little break!

Saturday - 17 - Big Sky Regional Championship. Registration is ON-LINE ONLY!!! Full information and registration here. You must be registered by midnight May 15th. Each team member is responsible for their registration.

Cost: $50 (includes T-shirt)
Event schedule:
Heat 1 - Male Youth D
Female Youth C
Male Youth B
Female Youth Junior
Male Youth Junior
8:00 am - Check in and ISO opens
9:00 am - ISO closed and gym open for spectators
9:30 am to 11:30 am - Heat 1 climbing
*No heat 2 competitors allowed in gym during heat 1.
Heat 2 - Female Youth D
Male Youth C
Female Youth B
Male Youth A
Female Youth A
11:30 am - Check in and ISO opens
12:30 pm - ISO closed and gym opens for spectators
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm - Heat 2 climbing
4:00 pm - Awards ceremony and divisional invitations announced
4:30 pm - Speed Climbing

There is a morning heat and an afternoon heat, no matter which heat you are in, all team members are expected to be back at the gym by 3:45 for the awards ceremony and speed climbing events. I will be in isolation for both heats.

June 14th - 15th DIVISIONALS - Salt Lake City, UT
Momentum Climbing Gym - the premier gym in the United States
Team members placing in the top 6 of their category receive an invitation to Divisionals. Some of you have been climbing pretty strong and should start thinking if Divisionals is in your summer plans. I will be attending Divisionals and I am certified for access as a coach into isolation. Starting on May 22nd we will host a practice for those attending Divisionals, details to be discussed in Bozeman at Regionals.