Wednesday, November 7

Buckin' Rock Jam

Here's the lowdown on our upcoming ABS9 Bouldering Party.

Modified ABS Redpoint Format
Each route is worth X amount of points.
No beta is allowed prior to or during the climbers first attempt on a problem.
If the climber climbs the route on their first attempt they get 25 bonus points.
The starting hold(s) must be in full control to officially start a route.
The finishing hold must be in full control with two hands.
Route projecting is allowed.
Dynos are set as open feet unless otherwise noted.

Youth Comp
Junior: born in 89 or 90
Youth A: born in 91 or 92
Youth B: born in 93 or 94
Youth C: born in 95 or 96
Youth D: born in 97 or later

Standard Comp
Recreational: up to 5.9
Intermediate: 5:10 to V2
Advanced: V3 to V5
Open: V5 and up
Masters: age 35 and older

Climbers in the standard comp may climb any routes within their category or below.
If the competitor completes 2 or more routes in the next category, or,
one route in the upper third of the next category or harder, they will get bumped into the next highest category.
Youth and Masters categories may climb any route regardless of its category.
The top 6 route scores plus, 25 bonus points for each route flashed in the climbers top six (example, 3 flashes = 75 bonus points), add up to your final score.

Route Judges / Witnesses:
The Youth comp will have route judges to witness and sign off completed routes.
The Standard comp will require two witnesses to sign off a completed route.


Premier prizes will be offered to the top Open level climbers. Ribbons will be offered to the top youth climbers. All other prizes will be raffled off, with an even split between the youth comp and standard comp.

Tentative schedule:
11:00 am - steepworld opens, registration begins
11:45 am - unveiling of the gym, pre comp meeting
12:00 pm - Youth comp begins
3:00 pm - Youth comp ends, standard pre comp meeting
3:10 pm - Standard comp begins
3:30 pm - Youth comp awards and raffle outside or in shop
6:00 pm - Standard comp ends, begin slide show setup
6:30 pm - Standard comp awards and raffle
6:45 pm - Stan Price on Ice Slide show
7:30 pm - end of slide show. After party somewhere about town.

We will need volunteers to help with route setting, gym prep, youth judging and score calculation. Please see Joel or Jim if interested.