Sunday, January 20

Spring Season Starts March 4th

A tentative schedule
3/4 - first practice
3/29 - Billings, MT
4/5 - Bozeman, MT
4/12 - Pocatello, ID optional
4/26 - Provo, UT optional
5/3 - Cody, MT
5/17 - REGIONALS - Bozeman
6/14 - DIVISIONALS - Salt Lake, UT

Other possible trips (outdoor, other gyms) will be announced as planned.
Everyone is expected to . . . . .
A. work hard, have fun, and be at as many practices as possible
B. maintain a SCS membership with the USAC
C. attend all three local comps with the team
D. attend Regionals in Bozeman

Cody Results

Sorry I'm a month late on these results.  Click the above title to see the results from Cody.  I want to highlight a couple standout performances from Chris, Justin, Parker, and Dani.  Huge improvements by all team members over the course of the bouldering season.