Sunday, December 14

Winter Thoughts

Steepworld is hosting a Climbing Movie night, Saturday December 20th, 6pm I believe, call the gym for exact info, (25-CLIMB)

Steepworld is offering winter memberships to team kids.  A full gym membership from now till the start of the spring session (early March) for $70.

I had a couple of my ice climbing photographs published in this winter's edition of Big Sky Journal.  Browse though a copy next time you're anywhere that sells fine regional periodicals. 

Wednesday, December 3

Cody Comp this Saturday

Just a quick reminder that the Cody Competition is this Saturday, starting at noon, at Core Mountain Sports, just off Sheridan Avenue north of Wendy's.  I recently spoke with Aaron Mulkey, the Cody coach, and he told me they've already got some great routes and dynos set, along with some cool prizes waiting to be won.  Be there by 11:40am.  Also a reminder that we do not have practice this thursday.

Sunday, November 16

Cody Comp and some updates

The Cody Comp will take place on Saturday December 6th, registration starts at 11 and climbing goes from 12pm - 3pm. It is hosted by Core Mountain Sports, just off of Sheridan Ave, north of Wendys Restaurant.

We will have practices on Tuesday November 25th and December 2nd, same times. There will be no additional charge.

Hope everyone has had some luck finding their Disco Attire!

Tuesday, October 21


the world famous DISCO ROCK JAM 2008!!!   -  Saturday November 22nd

Wednesday, October 15

The Bozeman Full Gravity Day

Saturday November 8th
youth competition begins at 10am
team climbers should arrive at the gym by 9:15 for registration
youth awards at 2pm
more information after the link.

alumni update

Steepteam alumnus Alex Emick found his way onto Climbing Magazine's website in a featured photo gallery on Tensleep Canyon in Wyoming, here.

Thursday, October 9

Saturday the 11th, practice canceled

Rain, snow, 30 degree highs, I think we'll look for a better weekend.

Tuesday, September 30

Alli & Kevin

I've added a link to Alli Rainey and Kevin Wilkinson's website on the "other links" side bar.  They will be traveling through the northwest and may post some occasional updates as the weeks go by.

Fall Calendar

Wednesday, September 3

Season starts in less than three weeks

First day of practice is Tuesday September 23rd.  Junior team (those turning 13 or under in 2009) starts at 6pm.  Senior team (those turning 14 or older in 2009) start at 7:15pm.  There will be a parents meeting at 7:15pm.  Season calendars will be handed out.

Due to a previous commitment a schedule change has been made for the second week of practice. The Sept 30th and Oct 2nd practices have been moved to Monday the 29th and Wednesday the 1st. 

Saturday, July 19

Fall Bouldering Session 2008!

Click on the above image to enlarge it.  Season starts September 23rd!

Tuesday, July 15

Nationals Review

If you see them, congratulate Dani (23rd) and Justin (12th!) on their performances at Nationals in San Fran over last weekend.

This fall's bouldering schedule and information shall be posted by next week.  Info sheets will also be available at Steepworld.

Wednesday, June 18

Divisionals Recap

Twelve of us went down to the big show in Salt Lake.  We tested ourselves against the best junior climbers in the northwest United States.  In the end, two of us walked away with invitations to Nationals next month.  Congratulations to Justin and Dani.  

Anyone is welcome to join them in practices for Nationals at our regularly scheduled time.  Our fall bouldering session should start in late September, more details to follow later this summer.

Monday, June 2

Divisional Prep Schedule

Tuesday 3rd - practice
Thursday 5th - practice
Saturday 7th - 4pm - practice at Spire Climbing Gym in Bozeman
Open to all Steepteam climbers. Climbers competing in Salt Lake are encouraged to attend. Cost is only $10, plus a signed waiver form, (I'll have these at practice.) Since you must be 14 years old to belay at spire we'll need some parents to help with belaying. Like always, everyone will need their shoes, harness, and chalk bag.

Monday 9th - onsight routesetting, no team members allowed in the gym after 5:30pm
Tueady 10th - isolation and onsight practice
Wednesday 11th - mandatory rest day
Thursday 12th - mandatory rest day
Friday 13th - Salt Lake travel day
Saturday 14th - Competition time!

Tuesday, May 27


Zimmerman Park, Billings, MT
An outdoor bouldering competition / festival.
Sunday June 1st - registration starts at 12pm - climbing from 1-4pm - raffle at 4:15 -
steepteam climbers $5 - non members advance reg $15 - day of reg $25
wear your steepteam shirts, and pray for sun~!

also photos from the Big Sky Regionals in Bozeman are located here. A special thanks to Logan Leachman from Bozeman.

Sunday, May 18

Regional Wrap Up

Carter Knight and Matt McGrail have also received invitations to Divisionals

The USAC Big Sky Region website has been updated as of 3PM SUNDAY with an invitation list and link to register for Divisionals.  Go here.  If you finished close to the top six, check this page on Wednesday to see if you have received a rollover invitation.

Divisional registration is open till midnight Tuesday, register here.  It is a two day competition June 14th and 15th, everyone climbs Saturday with the top 10-15 advancing to the finals on Sunday and the top 6 receiving invitations to Nationals.  The cost is $75.  I will be attending.  I will have a list of hotel options at our first practice back this Thursday the 22nd.  Please don't hesitate to call me with any questions, 860-7616.

Congratulations to all of our Divisional Qualifiers.
Dani Nieva
Colton Wayman
Charlie Barron
Ian Kelly
Justin Willis
Kathleen Dignen
Nate Fordham
Ryan Morrisey
Alex Emick
Jeff Rhoades

Wednesday, May 14

Big Sky Regionals

Today is your last day to sign up for the Big Sky Regional Championship in Bozeman on Saturday. You can only sign up on-line. Sign up here.

Monday, May 5

A Whole Lotta Information

Cody was great, and results should be up Tuesday or Wednesday. This is the schedule for the next two weeks....

Tuesday - May 6 - practice
Thursday - May 8 - practice
Tuesday - May 13 - practice (harness needed)

Wednesday - 14 - mandatory rest day
Thursday - 15 - mandatory rest day
Friday - 16 - mandatory rest day

Proper rest of climbing specific muscles is crucial to peak performance. The gym will be closed to all team members for the three days listed above. Do your body some good and take a little break!

Saturday - 17 - Big Sky Regional Championship. Registration is ON-LINE ONLY!!! Full information and registration here. You must be registered by midnight May 15th. Each team member is responsible for their registration.

Cost: $50 (includes T-shirt)
Event schedule:
Heat 1 - Male Youth D
Female Youth C
Male Youth B
Female Youth Junior
Male Youth Junior
8:00 am - Check in and ISO opens
9:00 am - ISO closed and gym open for spectators
9:30 am to 11:30 am - Heat 1 climbing
*No heat 2 competitors allowed in gym during heat 1.
Heat 2 - Female Youth D
Male Youth C
Female Youth B
Male Youth A
Female Youth A
11:30 am - Check in and ISO opens
12:30 pm - ISO closed and gym opens for spectators
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm - Heat 2 climbing
4:00 pm - Awards ceremony and divisional invitations announced
4:30 pm - Speed Climbing

There is a morning heat and an afternoon heat, no matter which heat you are in, all team members are expected to be back at the gym by 3:45 for the awards ceremony and speed climbing events. I will be in isolation for both heats.

June 14th - 15th DIVISIONALS - Salt Lake City, UT
Momentum Climbing Gym - the premier gym in the United States
Team members placing in the top 6 of their category receive an invitation to Divisionals. Some of you have been climbing pretty strong and should start thinking if Divisionals is in your summer plans. I will be attending Divisionals and I am certified for access as a coach into isolation. Starting on May 22nd we will host a practice for those attending Divisionals, details to be discussed in Bozeman at Regionals.

Monday, April 28

The Cody SCS Competition

The Cody Competition is this Saturday May 3rd and will start at 11am sharp. Be there by 10:30am. The climbing session will conclude at 2pm with results, shortly (hopefully) after.

Depending on weather and enthusiasm we will hit up some boulders or rope routes to round out the afternoon. Due to the large size of the team, all junior team members are expected to have their parent accompany them outside and we may break into small groups lead by some of the other climbing parents.

Sunday, April 13

A Few Photos

Click the title of this post or the steepteam photos link on the right sidebar to see some images from Bozeman's Spring Fling Competition.

Wednesday, April 9

Wednesday, April 2

The ways of the USAC

Our regional coordinator has asked all of us to log into our USAC membership profile and be certain our team name is registered as: steepteam (all lowercase, one word, like the t-shirts) and you coach is listed as: Joel Anderson. Both need to be spelled, letter for letter, or they will not count your scores towards the team ranking.

Also of note, Saturday's scores are now registered with the USAC. You can view them here. Scores and rankings are usually updated every wednesday.

Remember, Bozeman is this Saturday, the 5th. Starts at 10am, be there by 9:30am. Get excited! This is always a super fun competition. The registration forms are here.

Monday, March 31

Billings Bouldering Results

Female Youth A
Maeli Denning - 2950
Kathleen Dignen - 1825
Emma Murter - 1775
Female Youth B
Inge Perkins - 3400
Laurel Sabol - 2500

Female Youth C
Emma Eddleman - 2625
Cydney Kurth - 1550

Female Youth D
Marie Hansen - 2775
Dani Nieva - 2575
Kira Parker - 2575
Rebecca Speranza - 2350
Sami Heimer - 2200
Sara Reed - 1525
Anna Weiss - 1100

Male Junior
Jeff Rhoades - 3575
Ryan Morrissey - 3475
Alex Emick - 2775

Male Youth A
Nate Fordham - 4475
Matt Wheat - 3850
Wes McCue - 3675
Joey Isabell - 3475
Ben Blackwood - 3450
Chris Meyer - 3375
Gunnar Perkins - 3200
Ben Hoiness - 3125
Kevin Kennedy - 2950
Erik Elison - 2525

Male Youth B
Kerrek Stinson - 4550
Dominick Speranza - 4200
Jared Iler - 3600
Collin Fordham - 3500
Cale Schwarze - 2950
Jon McElyea - 2850
Forrest Murter - 2750
James Eddleman - 2700
Walter Funke - 2125

Male Youth C
Chandler Leachman - 3475
Andrew Scherffius - 2950
Justin Willis - 2950
Kade Leachman - 2925
Parker Pearsall - 2850
Ian Kelly - 2825
Jack Schwarze - 2800
John Morrison - 2775
Carter Knight - 1750
Magnus Despain - 1700
Stephan Meyer - 1375
Joe Friend - 900

Male Youth D
Charlie Barron - 2900
Colton Wayman - 1600
Pearce Kurth - 700
Jonah Prill - 625

Monday, March 24

a detailed schedule of the next few weeks

Tues 25th - practice
Thurs 27th - no practice - be sure you are signed up with the USAC!!!
Saturday 29th - Billings Comp 12-3pm, be at the gym by 11:30
registration forms are posted on the USAC Big Sky Webpage
Tuesday April 1st - practice at the gym
Thursday 3rd - practice at HARVEST CHURCH WALL
1235 W Wicks Lane Billings, MT 59105 - all climbers will need a harness, same practice times, I should be there by 5:45
Saturday 6th - Bozeman Comp 10am-2pm, be at the gym by 9:30am - all climbers will need a harness

Tuesday, March 11


All SteepTeam members must be registered with USA Climbing ( prior to the March 29th competition. Registration is only available on-line.

Our spring competition will feature the new steepwall, crazy new routes, new holds, and improved spectating.

Thursday, February 21

Spring Season Revisions

The team has been divided into two groups to better meet the broad spectrum of different abilities and ages.

Junior and Senior team member placement may be adjusted at the first practice.

Junior Team - 6pm-7pm

Senior Team - 7pm - 8:30pm

The gym will be making house calls in the next week informing you which practice to be at.

I have a new home phone number which I will hand out at the first practice, call me at work, or call the gym if you need to get in touch with me.

Monday, February 4

The Upcoming 2008 Season

Schedule, Expectations, and Costs, all here, ready to go.  See everyone March 4th!

Sunday, January 20

Spring Season Starts March 4th

A tentative schedule
3/4 - first practice
3/29 - Billings, MT
4/5 - Bozeman, MT
4/12 - Pocatello, ID optional
4/26 - Provo, UT optional
5/3 - Cody, MT
5/17 - REGIONALS - Bozeman
6/14 - DIVISIONALS - Salt Lake, UT

Other possible trips (outdoor, other gyms) will be announced as planned.
Everyone is expected to . . . . .
A. work hard, have fun, and be at as many practices as possible
B. maintain a SCS membership with the USAC
C. attend all three local comps with the team
D. attend Regionals in Bozeman

Cody Results

Sorry I'm a month late on these results.  Click the above title to see the results from Cody.  I want to highlight a couple standout performances from Chris, Justin, Parker, and Dani.  Huge improvements by all team members over the course of the bouldering season.